Dr Tobias Bertel

Les vosges, during June 2019. Hiking is life.

In my civil life, I enjoy myself the most when being with friends, ideally hiking, as shown on the left for instance. I
I lived in Bristol (a.k.a. Brizzle) in great Great Britain from 2016 to 2022 and moved back home to the Saarland (Riegelsberg, close to Saarbrigge) afterwards. 
My family and my friends are inspiring and supporting me throughout my life.
I consider them the backbone of my success and my satisfaction in life.
I've been inspired by video games and digital media throughout my life. I loved playing video games since I got in touch with them, first game ever: Tron on C64, Life-changing game: Star Wars Rebel assault II on a Pentium with 100MHz provided by the father of one of my best mates.
I really like fantasy worlds, more in books than in movies though. I devoured the (initial 3) LOTR books. For German readers (no English translation unfortunately), I can greatly recommend the "Enwor" saga written by Wolfgang Hohlbein.

Les vosges, during June 2019. One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever had. From Metzeral to the grand ballon d'Alsace.

Les vosges, during June 2019. Just another beautiful day.

For all my life, I wanted to be part of something much bigger than myself. I found this in love, friendship, nature, academia, and Blue Kraken Online (BKO) so far. 
Currently, I am looking for a new place for myself.
In my opinion, the most important thing is that we are enjoying ourselves on a daily basis. If external factors prevent this from happening on the long run, it is time for a change. 

We either change ourselves, or we change our environment. 
If this is not an option, one has to move on. 
Never surrender yourself :)
Have a good one and catch you la'ers!